The following links are sources of information and vendors:

1UP’s Arcade
All Electronics (Sadly closed 2023 after 54 years)
Apex Surplus (One of the last great electronics surplus stores)
Arcade Vector Graphics
Are Tronics (opened by long-time All Electronics employees)
AVR Freaks
AVR Fuse Calculator
Bally Alley
Ben’s Hobby Corner
BYOAC (Build Your Own Arcade Controls)
C & H Surplus (Sadly closed 2019 after 60 years)
C.A. Robinson & Co. (Sadly closed 2010 after 76 years)
CNC Zone
Game on Grafix
Groovy Game Gear

Happ Controls (SuzoHapp)
KLOV (Killer List of Videogames)
Mame World
Marco Specialties
Math World
MCS Electronics
NUI Group
Objective Development
PCB Heaven
Romaxx CNC