Rototron LS30 Joysticks

The LS-30 rotary joysticks have very short shafts which are designed for metal control panels. This makes installation in a wood CP challenging. There are really only 2 ways to install the sticks in wood. You can route out the bottom of the CP and install the joystick from the bottom or you can go with a top mount approach. I felt the top mount method would provide more stick height and would be more sturdy.

LS-30 Joystick

The first step was to cut a hole in the CP with a jigsaw that was just large enough for the base of the joystick to fit through. I carefully measured the base and made allowances for the protruding parts. Next I routed out the top of the CP to the size and depth of the joystick’s metal top. This allows the joystick top to sit flush with the CP. I also drilled 2 holes for my screw posts.

Joystick Cut-out

Here is a picture showing the joystick sitting flush with the top of the CP. It definitely helps to have the LS30 joystick tool to remove the tops. I must have pulled the tops off a dozens times during testing. I scanned the LS-30 Instructions in PDF if anyone needs them. I also have an Exploded View.

Mounted Joystick

From the bottom you can see how the joystick fits snuggly. One problem with the top mount approach is that quick disconnects will not work. I ended up just soldering all the connections.

Joystick Base

Next I drilled a 1-1/8″ hole in my Lexan top in the center of the LS-30 cut out with a forstner bit. I also drilled 2 small holes for the screw posts. I decided to use only 2 screw posts because the joystick is primarily supported by the CP.

Joystick Top

Here is a picture of both LS-30 joysticks mounted on the flip-up panels. The sticks are interfaced using a rotary interface that I built.

LS-30 Joysticks