Rototron Caberet

I started this project in September 2003. The cabinet is built from scratch and took about a year of spare time to complete. The control surface features 2 rotating panels with 7 sides and 12 possible combinations.


Here is the skeleton of 2×4’s taking shape. I created a design that employs 12 adjustable hex bolts. This allows me to tweak the frame to insure that the 1/2″ steel shaft aligns properly. Otherwise the rotation of the 7-sided panels could be off. See below for more info and pics of the controls.

2x4 Frame

I bought the Happ over/under coin door on eBay. It is brand new, but its large size presented many problems. I had to route a 1/2″ slot in the 2×4 that it rests on in order to lower it enough for the flight yoke to clear when it is underneath. The CP misses the coin mechanism by only about 1/8″ after I used metal snips to trim it down. The monitor is a Planar 17.5″ LCD panel, which is equivalent to a 19″ CRT.

Frame with Controls

Here is the cab prior to painting, laminate, t-molding and artwork. The front, side and top panels are made of 5/8″ Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and are attached to the frame with T-nuts, which affords easy removal.

Cabinet SidesUnfinished Cabinet

Ready for gaming. The MDF is covered with Formica and 5/8″ chrome T-molding. The inside is HVLP painted satin black.


More Info:

Rotating PanelsRotating Panels

Flight YokeFlight Yoke

Tron JoystickTron Joystick

Racing PedalsRacing Pedals

LS-30 JoysticksLS-30 Joysticks

Leaf Switch PushbuttonsLeaf Switches

Illuminated TrackballIlluminated Trackball

Dual Top Fire JoysticksDual Top-Fire Joysticks

Ball Top JoystickBall-Top Joystick

Back DoorBack Door



Sidewinder HackDual Strike Hack


Cabinet Dimensionsheight x width (inches)
Side Panels66 x 24
Front Panel30.5 x 24
Top Panel18 x 24
Rear Door52 x 24
Kick Plates8.625 x 24 (7.125 high on ends)
Triangular CP6.75 x 12
Square CP4.625 x 7.625
Swing CP13.5 x 8.25
Marquee6 x 24
Monitor Bezel18.25 x 24

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