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Raspberry Pi INA219 Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to measure DC power consumption with a Raspberry Pi and an INA219 breakout board. The I²C board is combined with a 16×2 LCD display to track voltage, amps and watts.

Raspberry Pi ESC Motor Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to control and measure the speed of a brushless DC motor from the Raspberry Pi using a low cost electronic speed controller. A TCRT5000 reflection sensor is used to measure RPM, the results are displayed on an I2C 7 segment numeric LED display and a push wheel switch allows user input for throttle control.

Raspberry Pi Analog Water Sensor Tutorial

Tutorial demonstrating how to connect analog sensors to the Raspberry Pi using SPI and I²C analog-to-digital converter chips such as the MCP3002 and the ADS1115. Examples include low cost analog water level/detection and water pressure sensors.

Pi Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Raspberry Pi Spectrum Analyzer

Tutorial demonstrating how to build a Raspberry Pi audio spectrum analyzer using a bi-color LED matrix and a Holtek HT16K33 I²C LED controller driver. A 4 channel I²C-safe bi-directional logic level converter is used to handle communication between the 3.3V Pi and the 5V HT16K33.

Raspberry PI Sending & Responding to Emails

This tutorial demonstrates how to send and receive emails using the SendGrid API from within Python and Node.js applications running on the Raspberry Pi. In addition webhooks will be used to monitor and respond to incoming emails.