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Insteon PLM Repair Tutorial

In this quick tutorial I’ll repair an Insteon PowerLinc modem. The PLM is a USB home automation interface that connects to a computer such as a Raspberry Pi and can be used to operate lights, electrical devices, thermostats, monitor sensors and more.

Retro EPROM Programming Tutorial

This retro tutorial demonstrates how to get an old EMP-20 EPROM programmer from the mid 90’s up and running using an early Windows 95 laptop in order to burn a cart for a vintage Bally video game console.

Raspberry Pi ESP32 MicroPython Touch & Sound Tutorial

This MicroPython tutorial demonstrates utilizing the ESP32’s built-in capacitive touch sensors. A simple music player is constructed utilizing a JQ6500 MP3 module connected to an ESP32 via serial communication. The touch interface provides feedback by using pulse width modulation to vary LED brightness.